Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes, I am the crazy cat and dog lady! Here are some cute pictures of the cats and the biggest baby of them all BOSS!

This is the newest edition to our animal family Mazie Moo. I found Mazie about 6 months ago in one of our vacant apartments. She had fallen from the second story window and her brother and sisters were looking at her from the window on the patio. I found home for all the kittens that day, I just could not give her up. She is one of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. Her crystal blue eyes are beautiful.

Here is Piglet wondering what in the world I am doing. She has the funniest expressions. She also has the biggest attitude of all the animals. If she does not like something she will attack your legs, hiss, and then run away.

Well this is typical. Twinkles with her head stuck in an ice cream container. She may be 17 years old but she loves to eat. Poor thing is so skinny but she has a very hearty appetite and loves to lay beside us on the couch. As you can see in the picture Boss lost his ice cream.

Deablo is in deep thought of who he is going to chase around the house next. Besides Boss and Brant he is the only male cat and he thinks he rules the roost. Most of the time he does and he gets away with everything when Brant is home.

Muffy would not stay still long enough for her picture to be taken. Muffy is 15 years old. Brant calls her throw up cat even though she is a pretty calico cat. She loves to lay beside Brant on the back of the couch or on the arm of the couch. Muffy picks on Peebs and Deablo chases Muffy around the house all the time. See we do not need to have kids. We have cats that fight like kids!
Look Peebs decided to come out from under the bed. She does not like anyone but Brant and hides under our bed all of the time. She has been coming out more recently. Most people that visit the house have never seen her. So here she is the cat that hides under the bed Peebs!

Last but not least here is O.C. (Outdoor Cat). We had a neighbor move 3 years ago and they left him behind. For a long time he would not come around us. Anytime we would come outside he would run until I put some food out for him. The first time I put food out for him he came up to me after he ate and rubbed all over my legs as if to say thank you. Since then he has been a fixture in our yard and front porch. He does come inside and eat now but wants back outside as soon as he is done eating unless it is cold outside.

Here is the big baby. Boss is an English Cocker Spaniel who is definitely a mama's boy. He could care less if Brant is home and will stay in the bed all day until I get home. If I am home he does not leave my side. Sometimes I will hide in the house if he is not paying attention to me leaving the room to see how long it will take for him to find me. Right now he is laying at my feet sleeping while I work on this.